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President's Address

RIPP, as a comprehensive R&D institution, dedicates itself to meeting the technical needs of the State and oil refiners, while insisting on the research and development strategy: “Bringing forth a string of ideas, making a series of explorations, studying a host of projects, developing a series of work, transforming a lot of projects and promoting them into commercialization ”, and striving to tackle the critical technical issues associated with the production and construction in oil refining and petrochemical industry. RIPP plays a crucial and appropriate role in propping up the development of national economy and promoting the industry’s technical progress and national defense development.

In the 1960s RIPP developed China’s modern oil refining technologies to fill in the gaps of petroleum processing technologies. And in the meantime, RIPP engaged in the development of aviation fuels, special lube oils and lubricating greases to meet the national defense and security needs. In the 1980s, RIPP began to demonstrate its technical advantages after taking important measures to transfer its R&D achievements to its own technological innovation rather than following and imitating others; and in the 1990s the overall competency of RIPP’s technological development was almost on par with its international peers with its catalysts, petroleum products and oil refining technology package successively exported and licensed to overseas. Every progress and breakthrough made by RIPP is closely linked to the development of China’s modern oil refining technologies. Entering into the 21st century, RIPP, playing main part in the industry’s technological progress, will continue with the ideology formed in the previous years, to move forward with times, to explore and innovate, and to further advance the value proposition on scientific development. RIPP will further promote the integration of research resources to establish an oil refining technology platform based on a complete technical innovation system, in order to provide strong technical support to the capital appreciation and the continued effective development of SINOPEC, while striving to create a world-class energy research and development center engaging mainly in oil refining integrated with chemical production.


I hereby earnestly hope to continue the effective and fruitful cooperation with colleagues and enterprises home and abroad, and to work hard for a even better future


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