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Technology Milestones

In the 1960s, RIPP carried out R&D work and successfully stroke a bonanza-- development of the so-called "Five Golden Flowers" in China’s oil refining history: namely the "Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC)", the "Catalytic Reforming", the "Delayed Coking", the "Urea Dewaxing", and the "Novel Catalysts and Additives", resulting in new breakthroughs from scratch in China’s modern oil refining technology.


In the 1970s, following the rollout of "Five Golden Flowers" RIPP developed the "riser FCC process", the "zeolitic FCC catalysts", the "semi-regenerative catalytic reforming process", the "bi-metallic reforming catalysts" and the "new aviation lubricants" that had maintained the momentum of development in China’s oil refining technology.


In the 1980s, RIPP engaged in the R&D work on "the catalysts for heavy oil FCC process", "the USY zeolite and REHY zeolite", "the RN-1 hydrotreating catalyst", "the series of Pt-Re reforming catalysts", "the SKI series catalysts for xylene isomerization", "the technology for catalytic cracking of whole Daqing atmospheric residue", "the needle coke production technology", etc., resulting in a series of valuable achievements.


In the 1990s, RIPP in compliance with the market demand successfully developed its "FCC family technology (DCC, MGG, ARGG, MIO and CPP)", "the novel ZRP zeolite", "the combination technology for heavy oil processing", "the medium pressure hydro-upgrading (MHUG) technology", "the medium pressure hydrocracking technology (RMC)", "the low pressure combined-bed catalytic reforming technology", "the aromatics extraction technology with novel solvents", and "special lubricant oils and greases", which were granted prizes at the national, provincial and ministerial levels on many occasions, among which "the process and catalyst for FCC of heavy petroleum fractions (type I) for manufacture of low carbon olefins" won the only First Prize of National Technology Invention Award in the year of 1995.


Stepping into the 21st century, RIPP, after having launched a series of research work on the manufacture of clean gasoline, jet fuel and diesel and successively developed "the FCC series catalysts for gasoline olefin reduction (GOR)", "the FCC process for maximum production of isoparaffins (MIP)", "the CGP technology for manufacture of gasoline component meeting the Euro III standards coupled with an increased propylene yield", "the RIDOS catalyst for hydroisomerization of FCC naphtha for olefins reduction", "the RSDS catalyst for selective hydrodesulfurization of FCC naphtha", "the technology for hydrodemercaptanization of jet fuel (RHSS)", "the technology for deep hydrotreating of FCC gas oil (RICH)", "the technology for deep processing of inferior and heavy crudes", "the package technology for catalytic cracking of Daqing vacuum residue", "the technology for resid hydrotreating (RHT)", "the combination process of solvent deasphalting-DOA gasification-DAO Hydrotreating-FCC", "the technology for integration of oil refining with petrochemicals production", "the medium-pressure hydrocracking technology (RMC)", and "the DCC catalyst with high propylene selectivity (MMC)", has been continuously playing a dominant role in the domain of oil refining technologies.


In the area of aromatics production RIPP has successively developed the process and/or catalysts earmarked for "the type PS-V and PS-VI catalysts for continuous catalytic reforming", "the low-pressure combined-bed catalytic reforming technology", "the extractive distillation process for aromatics separation", and "the RAX-2000A adsorbent", which were granted prizes at the national, provincial and ministerial levels on many occasions.


In the area of technologies for manufacture of petroleum products RIPP has developed "the RHW technology for high pressure hydrogenation of lube oils", "the high-grade road asphalt", "the SH10W/40 grade gasoline engine oil and associated additives", and "the 10W/40CF-4 grade diesel engine oil and associated additives".


In the field of petrochemicals production RIPP has developed "the innovation and integration relating to the amorphous alloy catalysts and reaction process in a magnetically stabilized bed", "the package technology for manufacture of ethylbenzene via the liquid-phase alkylation of benzene and ethylene", "the technology for synthesis of cyclohexanone-oxime in a continuous slurry bed with a single reactor", and "the novel catalytic oxidation material—the titanium-silicon zeolite HTS", among which "the innovation and integration relating to the amorphous alloy catalysts and reaction process in a magnetically stabilized bed" was granted the first prize of National Technology Invention Award in 2005.


In the field of alternative automotive fuel, water conservation and environmental protection, RIPP has developed "the automotive ethanol gasoline technology" and "the package technology for water conservation at oil refining enterprises" to make its contribution to environmental protection and resource saving for realization of the sustainable development.

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