Technical Consultation

RIPP owns a high qualified research team with prominent technological advantages as well as more than 100 medium and small test units of refining and petrochemicals and various chemical analysis instruments,focusing on the research and development of oil refining process, petrochemical, fine chemicals, additives, and petroleum product applications, etc.. RIPP can provide technical support, technical service and technical consulting for refining and petrochemical enterprises.

Technical Solutions/Services

For its research and development, RIPP has always aimed at providing the powerful technical supports for technological progress, cost reduction and efficiency improvement of refining and petrochemical enterprises. Based on China’s national situation, RIPP, by means of technical innovation, provides technical supports for refining enterprises in adjusting product structure and improving product quality in many fields, mainly including catalytic cracking technology, hydrotreating technology, aromatics production technology, heavy oil further processing technology, biofuel, lubricating oil, petroleum product and computer technology, etc.

Technical Training

With the spirit of exploration and innovation, RIPP develops the world’s leading achievements of science and technology, provides the packaged process and technology licensing of refining and petrochemical, and provides enterprises with remote technical analysis, local technical service and trainings for their production technicians

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