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Scientific R&D News

Successful Application of FCAS Catalyst on S Zorb Facility in Sinopec Luoyang Company



Recently, the FCAS catalyst developed by RIPP has been successfully applied in a 1.5 million tons/year S Zorb gasoline desulfurization facility. The product is low-sulfur refinery gasoline with sulfur less than 10ppm. The fourth facility completely adopting the FACAS catalyst, the former three sets are used in Sinopec Jinling Company, Sinopec Shanghai Company and Sinopec Anqing Company. 



FCAS catalyst is the desulfurization catalyst specifically developed for S Zorb technology by RIPP. Compared with imported catalysts, it has same activity and stability of the desulfurization reaction, better retention performance of octance value, better fluidization properties, wear-resisting property and activity stability. It can satisfy the requirements for stable operation of industrial facilities.This project won 2012 Annual Technology Progress Award of the Corporation because of its advanced technologies.


During the commencement period of S Zorb facility in Sinopec Luoyang, RIPP technicians had communicated and cooperated with experts and staff members of the facility to provide refined operation and to ensure the stable performance of the catalyst in committed steops such as reformate feed, presulfiding of catalyst and catalytic gasoline in the facility. It once again proves the excellent performances of the catalyst made in China.

(Wang Wenshou, Jia Guanghua)


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