First Commercialization of Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Technology Succeeds

The 200kt/a sulfuric acid alkylationunit, jointly developed by RIPP and SRCC (Sinopec Shijiazhuang Refining &Chemical Company), has passed the commissioning recently.

With the stricter environmentalprotection regulations in China, to produce clean gasoline meeting nationalstandards has become one of Sinopec’s top priorities. Alkylate is an idealblending component for high RON gasoline. Sinopec sulfuric acid alkylationtechnology (SINOALKY) is featured with low investment, low acid consumption,high product quality and easy unit maintenance. The successfulcommercialization of SINOALKY will support the clean gasoline upgrading inChina, and facilitate SINOPEC "Blue Sky and Clean Water" Project.

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