RIPP DCC Technology Successfully Applied at YECC

RIPP received an acknowledgement letter from YulinEnergy and Chemical Co., Ltd. (YECC) recently for the successful application ofRIPP DCC technology, which significantly increased the ethylene and propylene yieldsat their 1.5MMTPA catalytic cracking unit. The letter also showed their willingnessto deepen collaboration with RIPP.

RIPP DCC technology creatively integrates heavycrude processing with high value-added low carbon alkenes production. After thesuccessful license of the technology to YECC, a jointteam was set up to work on improvement of ethylene and propylene yields, and decreaseof catalyst consumption rate by enhancing feedstock quality control, optimizingoperating conditions as well as improving catalyst formula. By 20th February2020,ethylene and propylene yields of DCC unit have been improvedfrom 33.88wt to 35.61wt, with the operating efficiency mounted greatly at the same time.

The DCC unit at YECC is capable of producing polymergrade ethylene and propylene.

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