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Postdoctoral Research Programme


Postdoctoral Research Program


In 1995, with the approval of National Postdoctoral Regulatory Commission, RIPP set up its postdoctoral research program with chemical engineering and technology as first-level disciplines. 


Main research fields: petroleum refining & chemical catalysts and technology R&D; R&D of new types of catalysts and materials; research and application of analysis and testing methods in petroleum and petrochemicals; R&D of biomass & unconventional petroleum resources exploitation and utilization; R&D of lubricating oil (grease) and oilfield chemicals; petroleum processing and petrochemical reaction engineering etc..


Enrollment requirements: person under 40 years old graduated from universities home or abroad with doctor’s degree, strong sense of responsibility, basic theories and professional knowledge related to petroleum and petrochemicals, and meeting the requirements of National Postdoctoral Regulatory Commission.


The postdoctoral program is featured with rich technical resources, adequate R&D funds, sophisticated experimental equipments, high benefits and comprehensive management systems.


There have been 48 post-doctors since the first start of the postdoctoral research program and 44 have completed their postdoctoral research. Most of them work in RIPP and have become the key persons in R&D work, two of them now are the directors of relevant research departments, one deputy director and eleven senior engineers with professorship..


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