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Postgraduate Education

RIPP is one of the first organizations authorized to grant doctor and master degree in China. Under the support of national education departments and SINOPEC headquarters, postgraduate training in RIPP has achieved significant development. Currently the approved recruitment plan is 21 for doctor’s degree and 42 for master’s degree. RIPP also enrolls nominated students from national key universities without entrance examination.


RIPP, as the comprehensive R&D organization directly under SINOPEC, pays great attention to training its postgraduates’ professional perspective and background of petroleum & petrochemicals. The training program, focusing on petroleum & petrochemicals, is set up to foster talents in these areas.


Furthermore, R&D training in postgraduate education attaches importance to petroleum & petrochemical production, market demands as well as technical progress. The tenet of supporting petroleum & petrochemical industries with services, talents and technical supports has deeply rooted in the thesis topics selection, research direction, patent application and thesis contents, etc.. And the postgraduates’ research is also a part of RIPP R&D management system, forming the postgraduates training mode with RIPP characteristics.

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