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Petroleum Processing and Petrochemicals
  • Sponsor:China petroleum & chemical co., LTD., petrochemical research
  • Honorary director of the editorial board:Hong Dingyi
  • Editorial Board Director:Long Jun
  • Editor-in-Chief:Wang Xieqing
  • Executive Editor:Li Caiying
  • Associate Editor:Liu Hongzhou, Liu Yingchun
  • Publisher: Editorial Office of China Petroleum Processing and Petrochemical Technology
  • Issue:Quarterly

“China Petroleum Processing and Petrochemical Technology” is first published in Chinese and English in oil refining and petrochemical magazine sponsored by the Research Institute of Petroleum Processing.


It is a science and technical journal of the comprehensive (guiding) nature, dedicated mainly to the information inside China, while keeping an eye on the global developments in science and technology.


“China Petroleum Processing and Petrochemical Technology” is aimed at popularizing China’s guidelines and policies relating to the petroleum refining and petrochemical industry,


reporting the new technologies related with the R&D work on petroleum and chemical sectors, and introducing the market situation of China’s petroleum refining and petrochemical technology,


the status of projects construction in China, the status of operation of imported equipment and units, the application of Chinese technologies in the overseas,and new developments in the course of reform and opening up at China’s petrochemical enterprises.


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